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Palo Alto Rentals - Blog

On www.Levett.Properties – A New Post:

Find out about featured Palo Alto rentals, local news, Palo Alto & Stanford sports news, Tech headlines, places to visit and MORE! See: Featured Palo Alto Rentals

European Internet Headlines for 03/22/2018

Includes: Fury as BT charges rural families £5,000 just to connect to the internet as they are too far from telephone exchanges and a UK rural Internet overview. See: Blog post European Internet News

State Department Social Media Vetting 

Visa Vetting

US INTERNET NEWS: Proposals by the U.S. State Department to increase vetting for temporary visas to inspect social media (among other items). These proposals follow the Trump administration’s request for tougher visa vetting which date from early 2017. See: State Department Social Media Vetting for US Visas

Internet access by mobile phone in Chad 

Looking at Internet access by mobile phone in Chad and across the African continent

See >> African Internet News

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